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Sunday, 22 May 2011

About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog as part of the assignment for the Web Communications 101 module. My name is Bhavna Ramnatsing and I am 22 years old. I am a student at the Charles Telfair Institute (CTI) in Moka and i am currently studying to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.

This blog acts as my central node for the assignment, and navigation to my contributing nodes is easy and straightforward from here. You simply have to click on any of the links on the right panel of my blog and you shall be redirected to my contributing nodes.

One fine Sunday morning, while I was lazily laying on the grass in the Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses, I saw a couple of guys running forth and backwards, jumping in all directions, climbing up and down anything that they would come across without stopping. First I thought they must be the street guys who have nothing else to do other than this but as I kept observing them, I saw one of them giving them instructions of how to keep their balance of their body while they are doing those movements. And this is how I was introduced to Parkour. I never knew such a sport do existed as it is rarely seen to be practiced by Mauritians. That is why I created this blog mainly to create awareness among people and encourage Mauritians to practice it.


"The word blog is derived from the combination of two words, web and log.  A blog is defined as a virtual diary created by individual and stored on the internet. Blogs generally consist of text and images and can appear in a calendar-type format."  (Tips Blogger, 2011)

One of the main reasons that triggered my choice of using a blog over a wiki or website to create my central node is that blogs are easier to set up. They have the advantage of being accessed and read by almost everyone having access to the internet.  Users do not need to follow complicated procedures or download specified software to be able to use these platforms.  Moreover, a blog is a cheap option for publication.  Thay are findable by subject, author or title and the shared interests create relationships unrestricted by geography. The main advantages are that they are viral, syndicatable and linkable. (Scoble and Israel, 2008) Blogs can also be designed in your own way.  You can give a personal touch to it and make it more attractive to the audience.  A blog always has to be updated in order to keep the public informed about your presence on the blog and have to interact with them very often so that they do not feel their intervention is not taken into consideration.  It is a participatory culture where people can make comments about the posts and even share their own views about it.

Other than being personal, that is, using a blog for personal convictions, ideas and so on, blogs can also be helpful to an organisations's image, reputation and activities.  They can focus on the nature, history, developments, trends and players in a given subject area or industry.  

The first contributing node that I chose to link up my blog is YouTube.  This is because YouTube is a very simple website to use and has videos ready to be watched at the click of a button.  According to Steve Duval (2011), "the development of technology and the upstreaming process of videos reliant on a user's connection speed, YouTube have created the ability of skipping ahead to any part of the video that the user wants to view, without having to endure the wait of loading the first of last part of the video itself."  The uploading of videos to YouTube is also a straightforward process.  The user only locates the video on his computer and clicks on the upload.  A generic name and snapshots are then created by YouTube as an automatic process.

The second contributing node I chose to link to my blog is the page that I created on Facebook as nowadays Facebook is becoming one of the most popular 2.0 platforms. The page is known under the name of Parkour – The Mauritian Squad as it is intentionally designed to attract the attention of the Mauritians.  Throughout this page people can come onto my blog and find more information about the theme that I have chosen to write on.  Here they will find the links to YouTube and Wiki also.  People do not have to register or create a username to get access to the page.  It is easier to get access to it for people who are already on Facebook.  They can simply like it and become a fan of it.  They can also share things such like videos or photos relating to the theme of Parkour or even post their views and opinions and create a discussion forum about this particular subject.

The third contributing node i chose to link to my blog is a wiki.   Wikis are generally easy to create and manage, and emerges as one of the most common web 2.0 platforms over the Internet.  This is because of its asynchronous communication channels and its group collaboration. 

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